Stephanie Bonnes

About Me 


Department of Sociology 

​University of Colorado, Boulder

My name is Stephanie Bonnes and I am an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven. I received my PhD in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2018.


My scholarship explores a variety of areas pertaining to gender, criminology, race, trauma, and identity. I have focused on representations of sexual violence in the media, gendered representations of apartheid at South African memorial sties, and the relationship between education and income imbalances and intimate partner violence in Southern Africa. My dissertation explores the experiences of women in the United States Military including, but not limited to, servicewomen's experiences with sexual abuse. 


Methodologically, my work spans both quantitative and qualitative projects. I have employed discourse analysis, visual analysis, logistic regression, participant observation, and qualitative interviewing in my published work and my work under review. 


My work has been published in Gender & Society, Violence and Victims, Feminist Media Studies, Museum and Society, and is under review at other peer-reviewed journals. My dissertation research has been funded by the Division on Women and Crime at the American Society of Criminology, The Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Science, and the graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder and has won awards from the Sociologists for Women in Society, the American Society of Criminology, and both the sociology department and the graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder.